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THERE IS CURRENTLY A POWER OUTAGE IN JEROME. The Council meeting scheduled for tonight will be rescheduled if the power is not restored by 7:10 p.m.


July 23, 2018 - The active monsoons have allowed us to step back the mandatory water restrictions to Level One. Effective immediately, the Town is operating under “Demand Reduction Strategy I – ‘Water Alert.’” Per the Town Code, this strategy mandates the following:

  • Water shall be conserved both inside and outside the home or business using best practices available to minimize waste.  No person shall waste water.
  • Outdoor water use shall not occur between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • Vehicle washing shall only be undertaken with a bucket and hose with a shut off nozzle or other water saving devices such as a pressure washer.
  • Cooling of outdoor areas with water or misting devices is prohibited.
  • Restaurants shall serve water to customers upon request only and shall display table tents or other types of public notice to this effect.
  • Construction projects shall use only reclaimed water or effluent or supply their own water for on-site use and dust control.

The 2018 General Plan was approved by Council on June 12, subject to insertion of credits for artwork and photographs used.  Click here to view the approved copy (which does not yet include the credits). Final edition will be posted on this website as soon as the credits have been added.

The League of Women Voters will host a Jerome Council Candidate Forum on Wednesday, July 18 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Jerome Fire Station. For more information, contact the League of Women Voters at

Petitions have been filed by candidates for Council member at the August 28, 2018 primary. The candidates to be listed on the ballot are (in alphabetical order):

Bachrach, Hunter

Barber, Christina “Alex” R.

Bartell, Nicholas

Dillenberg, Jack

Harvey, Sage Q.

Vander Horst, Frank

Worth, Mandy

There will also be a public question on this ballot regarding staggered four-year terms for Council members, as set forth in Resolution 565

If you want to vote in this election, and are not yet registered, the deadline to do so is July 30, 2018. 



We are now in county-wide Stage 2 Fire Restrictions. This means NO SMOKING OUTSIDE (smoking is permitted only in enclosed buildings or vehicles); no BBQ with charcoal or wood; no welding or torch work; and no use of small gas engines without a spark arresting device. Please comply with these restrictions and help keep Jerome safe from fire.


"Coffee and Expectations"

Mayor Frank Vander Horst invites you to join him periodically at one of our wonderful dining establishments for a cup of coffee (or tea, or soft drink) and a discussion of your expectations, hopes, and dreams for our town. Times and locations will be announced here and on our Facebook page.


The Town of Jerome has been awarded a $60,000 USDA grant for repairs to the Hotel Jerome.

Click here to view the full USDA Nondiscrimination Statement. 


Information regarding Arizona's Open Meeting Law

1939 4th of July parade

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