Housing Rehabilitation




The Town of Jerome has obtained grant funding for an Owner Occupied Housing Rehab Program to address health and safety related issues in the home. 

This program is federally funded through a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

ELIGIBLE HOUSEHOLDS - Homeowners must be income-qualified and have lived in their home at least 12 months. Homeowner must carry homeowner’s insurance.

ELIGIBLE PROPERTIES  - The home must be located within the Town of Jerome. The home and the land must be owner-occupied.

ELIGIBLE REPAIRS - The program addresses health and safety hazards such as roofing, heating, cooling, plumbing, electric, accessibility improvements, foundations, doors and windows, and lateral sewer connections.

FORGIVABLE LOAN TERMS - Program Beneficiaries will receive a non-interest bearing, 5-year forgivable loan for the total amount of construction costs and services, secured by a recorded Deed of Trust and Promissory Note.

APPLICATIONS - Applications may be picked up at Jerome Town Hall, 600 Clark Street, or by contacting Isabel Rollins, NACOG, at (928) 213-5240. 

While the initial deadline has passed, applications may still be submitted, and will be considered after applications submitted before the deadline have been reviewed, if there are still funds available.

Town of   Jerome    Arizona