Public Auctions


We have some old buildings in our old Public Works yard that need to be demolished in order to create a parking area. Several people have asked to take the wood, as it is old and rich and full of character. As a government, we can't just give it away, so we are offering, at public auction, the opportunity to take the wood, with certain conditions:

- The successful bidder must demolish ALL of the existing buildings and remove ALL material from the site. No cherrypicking, and the site must be completely cleared.

- Work is to be done at bidder's own risk. We will require that the successful bidder sign a waiver of liability.

- Work must begin within 10 days of auction closing and must be complete within 30 days.

The auction is listed on at

Photos of the buildings are listed on the auction site. The opening bid is five dollars, and the auction will close at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

We strongly encourage a site visit. To arrange that, or for more information, contact Marty Boland, Public Works Director, at (520) 904-5272.

Town of   Jerome    Arizona