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The Town of Jerome is on a 3-year cycle for APS tree trimming.  The next working cycle for Jerome will be in 2025.  If you have concerns during off cycle times, APS is happy to address any issues.  This will also provide valuable analytics for the program and then we can change/update the cycle for the area if needed.  Please route any concerns to APS via email at forestry@aps.com.  You can provide a name, address, phone number and your concerns.  APS  forestry department will then reach out to you.  Customers can also contact the APS call center at 602-371-7171 and the rep will take the information and pass that on to the forestry department.  If there is an emergent concern and a line is sparking due to a tree, please contact 602-371-7171 and APS will have a Troubleman address the emergent issue asap.  Customers can also utilize the APS app and put in a ticket themselves if they like.